Need basic help with queues

  • hey guys, i went ahead and created 8 groups of traffic that are important in my home network. my roomate and i are playing with pfsense in hopes to someday use it in our own freelance consulting projects. below is a list of the main traffic rules that ive created. many of these rules have 4 entries (tcp down/up and udp down/up). the rules themselves all point to aliases with all the ports necessary.

    ping (icpm in and out)
    voip (traffic and low delay based)
    communications (email, instant messaging, webcams, rdp, vnc)
    web (http, https, streaming mp3, rtsp)
    server funs (mysql, smb, ssh, sftp)
    games (lots of them)
    p2p (even more than games)
    p2p catchall

    so now to the queues. we've been looking around for some time now and we are not finding any basic traffic shaping guide anywhere. here is the current config based on the traffic shaping wizard. ideally we would like one group for every rule group. any ideas or possibly any links to a really good guide would be helpful.

    0  No  2400 Kb    qwanRoot

    0  No 16000 Kb  qlanRoot

    1  Yes 1 %  qwandef

    1  Yes 1 %  qlandef

    ACK  7  No 25 %  qwanacks

    ACK  7  No 25 %  qlanacks

    7  No 25 %  qVOIPUp

    7  No 25 %  qVOIPDown

    RED ECN  2  No 1 %  qPenaltyUp

    RED ECN  2  No 1 %  qPenaltyDown

    RED ECN  1  No 1 %  qP2PUp

    RED ECN  1  No 1 %  qP2PDown

    5  No 15 %  qGamesUp

    5  No 15 %  qGamesDown

    RED ECN  4  No 25 %  qOthersUpH

    RED ECN  4  No 25 %  qOthersDownH

    RED ECN  2  No 1 %  qOthersUpL

    RED ECN  2  No 1 %  qOthersDownL

    thanks in advance, you guys rock.

  • I found this website very helpful, just take what it says and apply it to the GUI

  • Cheers for that - a very good link. Until the 'book' is finished it will have to do.

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