New to pfsense => how to start for my requirements

  • hi !

    i'm new to pfsense… at this time i use openwrt but i decided to change to another software because at this time kamikaze branch does not fit to all of my requiements.
    So i have an alix2c3 board and in a couple of days a soekris vpn1411 mini-pci card.
    Ii use 2 lan ports and 1 wan one vpn connection (tun device openvpn ) and serveral firewall rules for redirection and access ....
    So my question is which image i sould take ? embedded or full install ? releas or alpha beta
    I'm working with openwrt since a couple of years (starting with wrt54g devices) bsd in common is new to me....
    I don't care if some other functions are not working (like usual in alphas or betas ) but above named things should work. and i'm also a gambler who like to "play" :-)

    ciao gerd

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