AT&T U-Verse / 6rd - No IPv6 IP on WAN Interface

  • Hi,

    It seems as though I can either setup a static IPv6 IP on my WAN interface, by picking an address in the same /64 as my IPv6 Addressing Subnet on my Arris NVG589 (Under Home Network)


    I can setup a 6rd tunnel and then get IPv6 prefixes to use on the inside of my network.  My WAN interface currently shows 2602:30x:beef🔢: for it's IP address under Status -> Interfaces.    I used this post as reference.

    I'd like to do both.  I want to terminate IPsec VPN tunnels on my pfSense FW, which as far as I can tell requires me to have an IPv6 Address on my WAN interface.

    Initially I put an IPv6 address in as a VIP for my WAN interface.  That worked fine even with my WAN interface set to IPv6 -> NONE (I had an IPv6 default GW set in Gateways) and I was able to ping6 from the command line on pfSense.  Once I setup the 6rd configs to get prefixes for my LAN networks, I could no longer ping out via IPv6 to anything outside my local /64.

    Before I had an actual address (not ending in :: ) on the interface.

    Any ideas how I can get an IPv6 address on my WAN interface AND get prefixes for my LANs?

  • Any ideas, anyone??

    I could hack my way into having a second WAN interface just for IPv6 I suppose.  But that would require me to bridge 2 vlans.

  • I don't think so.

    6rd is still their "solution" for any users that aren't on enterprise fiber.  I asked an enterprise sales guy (for one of my clients) to chase down the issue a little but I don't think he gets it.

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