PFsense hang on boot

  • Hey everyone,

    I'm running into a system hang at boot up with my pfsense 1.2 box.  This firewall has been in development status for awhile now as i figure out how it works and whether or not it does the job we need it to.  So i've tinkered with openvpn, snmp, dns, squid and dhcp.  I had just finished configuring a long list of firewall rules for it and i decided to shut it down to install more RAM (its running on a Dell Dimension 3000), when it rebooted, it repeatedly hangs just after this line:

    Starting DNS forwarder…done.

    Turning on verbose logging, a kernel message pops up after this one to tell me that the tun0 interface has come up.  I have openvpn running on this box, however i opted for my old configuration with openvpn/easy-rsa rather then using pfsenses' webUI openvpn config, so at startup i have a script running from /usr/local/etc/rc.d/ and it was working as intended before so i think thats not whats hanging the system.

    The last thing i was doing was inputting a large list of rules into the rules table, the box is not in a real network situation, i was just setting it up with one host attached to the OPT1 connection, the LAN was disconnected and i have a temporary WAN connection (obviously i'll change when i want to put the firewall into production).  Generally speaking, without giving too much detail, the WAN connection is on an inside 'n etwork' or 'dmz' behind another firewall, its IP is static, the OPT1 connection is running dhcp and has all our workstations off of it, the LAN connection is all statically assigned with the option to deny unknown dhcp hosts on.

    I can mount the filesystem through the live CD on a shell prompt so i've been pouring through many config files trying to find the problem, i've found the place where it runs the script for DNS forwarding, but entering 'echo "test";' in various places tells me its starting correctly when i reboot.  Is there any log that will show me whats going wrong at boot and whats hanging the system?  Btw, i can hit enter after it stops and it is responding, it just doesn't continue, stuck in a shell maybe?

    Thanks in advance,

  • more info, found something unusual in /var/log/system.log :

    syslogd: Logging subprocess 285 (exec /usr/local/sbin/sshlockout_pf) exited on signal 15
    syslogd: exiting on signal 15

    help! is there any way to fix this? i don't want to have to start days of work all over again.


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