Variable speedtest results with multi wan

  • Hi.
    We have a 2.3.2 installation with a dual-wan environment. When connected directly to the modem I get 18/1.5 on WAN1 and 45/3.5 on WAN2. If I do speedtest from pfSense itself forcing either one of the two I get similar results.

    However if I try a speedtest from a server on the LAN I get something like 19/3, which looks like an average between the two, even if the testing IP displayed by speedtest-cli is either one of the two.

    On the other hand if I start a wget from, for example,, I fetch the file at full speed, 5.6M/s (if it catches the WAN2 way, otherwise 1.2)!

    I have configured pfSense with balanced gateways. I assumed that when the test "connected" it would keep the connection to the same way. Isn't it this way?

  • Might depend on which speedtest service you're using.

    The load balancing on pfSense is specific to a session so assuming your speedtest uses a single session, as most do, then it will be a bit of luck in terms of which WAN you're load balanced too but it would be sticky through the test.

    I'd suggest changing the default gateway route, from the Gateway Group to the specific gateway (for both) and see if you see full speed from the server.

  • I'm using, and I assumed as well that it would go through a single session, so by the same gateway.

    I don't have problems in testing the single WAN, I was just trying to find the reason of this behavior.


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