Using lagg always triggers interface mismatch

  • Testing with pfSense-20080916-0834.img on an Alix.
    I setup a lagg interface with vr1 and vr2 and assigned to WAN.
    Everytime the box reboots, the interface mismatch is triggered and I have to assign physical ports to WAN and LAN then re-configure the lagg from the webgui.

    When deleting it asks if you really want to delete the lagg tunnel (instead of interface).

    And a suggestion for 'something meaningful' for the note:
    To add an interface to a lagg, it must be un-assigned.
    If the protocol is set to 'none' the interface will not pass traffic.

  • Try next snapshot.
    I added full text eplaining the protocols.

  • Very nice. Thank you. I'm doing some simple testing and failover is working well.

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