Change CARP IGMPv3 > v2 ?

  • I've recently configured a new 2-node HA cluster using pfSense 2.3.2p1. There are 3 internal Lan's using CARP for Lan gateway failover, plus a single WAN which has 2 VIP's for inbound services plus the main traffic ingress/egress VIP. Each node connects to the Lan's via VLAN interfaces bound to a failover LAGG connected to two switches, which are connected via a trunk.

    The installation and testing went very smoothly with no significant problems encountered. However, I'd like to reduce the volume of multicast hitting all the LAN ports.

    As the switches only support IGMPv2 I need to change the version pfSense is using. The FreeBSD kernel sysctl flags 'out of the box' were:

    net.inet.igmp.gsrdelay: 10
    net.inet.igmp.default_version: 3
    net.inet.igmp.legacysupp: 0
    net.inet.igmp.v2enable: 1
    net.inet.igmp.v1enable: 1
    net.inet.igmp.sendlocal: 1
    net.inet.igmp.sendra: 1
    net.inet.igmp.recvifkludge: 1

    Using the pfSense Advanced:System Tunables, I've set the following:

    net.inet.igmp.default_version: 2
    net.inet.igmp.legacysupp: 1

    However, packet capture shows that pfSense is still sending IGMPv3 packets.

    I'd be grateful for any advice on how to change this.

  • Try these:


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