Two PPPoE connections

  • Hi Guys,

    I have had a very quick glance through the forums with the search term "dual wan" and have not really found an answer to my questions. If you feel the need to shoot me down for not doing my "homework" then please try to include a link to the solution. ;)

    What I am wanting to know is:

    1. Can I setup pfsense with two nics. One for lan and one to make two pppoe connections to my isp. (international bandwidth here in South Africa is about 6x more expensive than local). Does anyone know of a link to a tutorial for this? So in IPcop terms, the RED interface would be ppp0 and ppp1.
    2. I would want to use just the local pppoe connection for incoming connections to ipsec etc. So that would be a dns issue only I assume?
    3. I would also like to port forward these interfaces (probably only on the local).

    I am very much a noob to all this, so I may have missed something in the terminology somewhere. Also most of the tutorials I saw seem to use Static IP addresses. We have dynamically assigned addresses here. Would this make any sort of difference?

    All assistance is greatly appreciated.

    Andrew Higgs

  • in 1.2 PPPoE is only supported on the WAN interface.
    If you want multiple PPPoE connections you will need a modem in front of the OPTx interface that does the PPPoE authentication.

    Afaik 1.3 will provide PPPoE capabilities on all interfaces.

  • Thats a pity. So I am on my own here. :)

    Do you know of any tutorials which might help me?

    Any ideas when 1.3 will be released?


  • Does anyone know of a linux/freebsd based firewall that will do this for me with its current release?


  • Does anyone know how much money it would take to get multiple PPPoe done sooner or 1.3 out sooner, or is it a time and testing issue?

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