Troubles installing PfSense from my USB

  • I looked up a guide on installing Pfsense on a USB. The guide I used is [this one][/] which uses a program called rufus. I followed the directions given and booted to the usb device, no trouble there. When I am greeted with the startup screen of Pfsense, I select '1. Multi-User Mode'. After a few seconds of waiting I am greeted with this screen attached below. The PC I am attempting to install it on is a Dell Optiplex 745.

  • are you sure this system doesn't have any hardware issues ? (bad ram for example)
    is the cpu capable of 64bit ?

    you can try disabling the useless things in the bios (like audio/serial/parallel) Just try a reset to bios defaults for starters.

  • I checked the statuses for the RAM in the BIOS. Nothing wrong with them. I'll get to disabling useless things in the bios.

  • Okay. I am now getting a repeated beep when I turn it on, and the pc does not display anything. BTW, this PC has a Core 2 Duo and 8 GB of DDR2 RAM.

  • The uma_zalloc_arg you're getting is because the computer is having memory reference errors. Run memtest86 on it, and I bet you'll see errors with your RAM.

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