Windows Shares dropping

  • I have a basic pfSense installation (BETA3) on a wrap board.

    Windows shares on my NAT clients drop when copying large files from my win2003 AD server.

    This seems like a problem somebody else should be having?  Any help where to start diagnosing the issue would be appreciated

    Here's the only reference I've see to the issue:

  • Argh!  I've set up m0n0wall and pfSense on the WRAP board, then moved to NAT on my existing Slackware Linux server,  all these solutions have the same problem.

    The only new information I can add is that NAT works great with one or two users (my test environment).  As soon as I put it out to production (read: simultaneous access), the shares start dropping.  I see nothing interesting via tcpdump, there's no log of the event, they just disconnect.  I can reconnect immediately, then at some point in the future (30 seconds or 10 minutes, I believe it's related to when another user on the NAT accesses the same share) the share drops again.

  • I'm not sure if Windows Shares were designed to work through NAT. What about setting up a VPN from pfsense to the server.

  • Ha! Thanks to you another quick ggogle gave me:

    "Since windows sharing is generally a two way protocol you might find it
    a little hard to work with NAT. The name resolution is one thing and the
    RPC based authentication is another. "

    Thanks, it's great to have a clear answer.  I'm going to try that VPN solution today.

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