Traffic limiter on multiple VLANS

  • Hi, we have multiple VLANs, one for each virtual server. We have one pfSense interface per VLAN.
    We need to give 5Mbps up / down for each VLAN.

    I created one in/out pipe and set it for each VLAN firewall rule (internet rule). Is this the correct configuration? Will I get 5Mbps for each VLAN or I'm going to get 5Mbps for ALL the VLANs together?

    Thanks for your support.

  • The way I would recommend to set this up is to make pipes for each VLAN interface and set them that way.  The pipe is shared if you use the same queues for all of them.  I have done a similar set up, with dual WAN interfaces going to the PFsense and being used on two seperate VLANs.  It works properly for each limiter.

  • I'm configuring two limiters for each vlan. It's a long task since we have 103 vlans :(

  • LAYER 8 Netgate

    If all the VLANs have the same subnet mask you should get a separate pipe for each, say, /24 mask in the limiter config.

    If putting them on LAN mask on source addresses on the in limiter (user uploads) and dest addresses on the out limiter (user downloads).

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