DNSMasq usage heading towards deprecation

  • I noticed pfSense uses dnsmasq teamed up with dhcpd to server DHCP and DNS.  To do so, it runs dnsmasq with -l.  According to dnsmasq's man page this option is soon to be deprecated.  Has this been planned for?  I know dnsmasq can server DHCP, eliminating the need for dhcpd.  Is this a possible solution?

    I have included the excert from the dnsmasq's man page below


    -l, –dhcp-leasefile= <path>Use the specified file to store DHCP lease information. If this option is given but no dhcp-range option is given then dnsmasq version 1 behaviour is activated. The file given is assumed to be an ISC dhcpd lease file and parsed for leases which are then added to the DNS system if they have a hostname. This functionality may have been excluded from dnsmasq at compile time, in which case an error will occur. In any case note that ISC leasefile integration is a deprecated feature. It should not be used in new installations, and will be removed in a future release.</path>

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