Guys please i need script as soon as possible

  • Guys please I need a help for WAN disconnect and reconnect CMD script for windows.

    I interface in my country (Yemen), the net is moving very slow, till I disconnect my ADSL WAN interface, the net it will move like a rocket, but after 30 minutes or less it will slow down the speed.

    So, sometimes I stay out of door, and I need my router ADSL WAN interface to reconnect by CMD and I will put the CMD in a schedule that will works automatically every 30 minutes.

    So, Please guys try to help me with this issue.

    Regards in advance

  • i have no clue what it is exactly that you are looking for. The language barrier seems to prevent you from explaining it very well.

    if you want to schedule things: check the cron package

  • If the cable you're disconnecting goes into your ADSL modem, a script in Windows isn't going to help.  You need something on that device.

    If the cable you're disconnecting goes into your Windows computer, look up syntax for netsh or wmic, one of those should be able to do it.  Create a Scheduled Task to do it.

    Not sure what it has to do with Routing or Multi WAN?

  • Thanks guys, I got the solution.

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