1.3 and IPSec Tunnels - Can't Authenticate with Certificates?

  • Hello, All,

    I'm a recent pfsense convert (from linux firewalls) and am having a small bit of difficulty in setting up an IPSec site-to-site VPN based on certificates.
      Although I can paste the needed certificates into the IPSec configuration page, it keeps failing with a message along the lines of "the pre-shared key appears to be invalid".  As I'm not trying to use a pre-shared key, this field obviously is blank.  Entering something there and clearing out the certificates results in a functional VPN.
      Will this be a supported feature in an upcoming release, or did I miss something really, really simple?  I searched the forum but did not find any references to this specific topic.

    Thanks in advance.  This truly is a great firewall distro–I'm really impressed!

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