Please help me understand my netgear CM600 modem

  • Let me preface by saying I'm really new with this pfsense stuff but really impressed on how much you can do with it.

    Ok If I plug my ethernet cable directly to my pc from the cm600 I get internet so that means that the modem has routing capabilities? So my question is if I use a pfsense box how will it be doing the routing if the internet is coming from the cm600? I feel like even if I buy a $3000 pfsense box I will have a bottleneck because of the bad routing capabilities of the cm600… Or is there a way to disable the routing of the cm600 so pfsense can do its thing to its full potential?

    I know for most of you this has an easy explanation but I just can't figure it out.

    Any help is appreciated.

  • Nope-

    The CM600 is merely a bridge device. Or media converter if you will..

    I don't believe it has the Puma6 chipset in it (which you really really don't want..) and should serve you well. 

    If you have no router then your PC (s) would have your public IP address(es) assigned to it (them).  (More than one if your ISP allows that.)

    edit to add-  the closet router your computer is connected to is at your cable company's head end via the cable system. (and it probably cost as much as my van..  ;D

  • I suspected that but then if the only router is the one the isp has why is it so shitty?

    I use my netgear r7000 has my router but having issues with speed because of too many devices running. I fear that I will still be having issues with my connection even after using a pfsense box.

  • If you connect direct to your modem and still get bad service then one of two problems.

    You need to clean up your computer..

    Your ISP is oversold and provides crappy service and/or you need a tech visit to solve some issues..

    A SOHO router can quickly become over taxed and slow to a crawl. But there is not much you can do if your ISP is overtaxed.

  • The CM600 is a pure modem without any routing capabilities you may use it without any SPI/NAT and your home network
    will be directly connected to the Internet, so there should be a device that is doing SPI/NAT. What is the correct Internet
    connection speed your ISP is serving you?  If you connect a pfSense box and a small LAN Switch either Layer2 or Layer3
    such the Cisco SG (200 or 300) series is offering at the market. So you could set up or route VLANs with or without the
    usage of the pfSense box like you need it or be able to pay it.

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