UfdbGuard Package?

  • Any possibilities of a ufdbGuard package any time soon? I found it interesting to see NethServer dumped SquidGuard for ufdbGuard. I also found the topic discussed here (https://forum.pfsense.org/index.php?topic=16408.0) years ago. However, the situations may have changed as ufdbGuard is now posted as free and open source (https://www.urlfilterdb.com/products/ufdbguard.html). The last bullet says its free to use even in commercial environments. I think the pricing is if you opt to use their URLfilterDB.

  • Banned

    If someone picks this up, kindly do NOT use the SquidGuard package code as a template.

  • Dear pfSense Devs & Community,

    I'd love to have a ufdbguard package in pfSense as well. I'm using it for years under Linux and can't do without it any more (Squidguard just isn't up to date & fast enough). The before mentioned point that it is now open source is correct - it's gpl v2 licensed.

    It would be great if someone starts a package project - I could gladly offer testing in a 150+ users environment and throughout feedback

    Regards Mathias

  • Any updates on that issue? it's ridiculous end of 2017 and we still don't have any reliable HTTPS filtering solution.
    As far as i understand there are only 2 contestants now - ufdbGuard which is seems promising as it's GPL now and can use public BLs and E2guardian latest alphas v5 which has full HTTPS options.

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