DELL 6224 + 802.1q

  • Hi… Im trying make pfsense talk to a VLAN (not vlan1), created in a Dell switch.

    Should I set the switch port that pfsense is connected to work in trunk mode?

    The computers that i set in VLAN15 dont see the pfsense vlan interface.

    I didint assign any ip to the physical interface, just for the vlan interface. Is that correct?

    Thank you very much!

  • Hi

    I'm not offending you but I don't think we can give you simple yes/no answer, because you have to do consult your switch's manual very first and carefully before asking "Is that correct?" type of question here. The manual must have the way creating vlan and trouble shooting method. If I had same switch then I would probably be able to answer your question but not.


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