Need help ASAP

  • I cant get past this menu/option. I cannot access windows explorer. I need to open the main system itself, you get me right?

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    " cannot access windows explorer."

    Wow.. Yeah your going to have a hard time ;)

  • Just to expand on johnpoz's point… pfSense doesn't use Windows in any way, shape, or form. It's based on a Unix distribution called FreeBSD. There's no file explorer GUI or anything that you can access from the console of the system. As far as the console goes, it's all text-based. The "GUI" is all web-based and is accessible from a browser on another computer once pfSense has booted completely.

  • Oh ok, thank you on the information. But the problem is that I cannot boot my system to get into Windows.. Gaaah, it's hard to explain, I'm not much of a "pro" at this I mean I installed pfSense for my gaming experience, but you get the point, surely. What would be the sense of installing pfSense if I cannot use my computer properly but look at the menu. IRONY. Now I can't play games because I am stuck. Something abt kernel? or that it says ugen0.2: <pixart>at usbus0 (disconnected). Thank you, in advance. I only have my computer to play, I need help. I can't pay for **** I'm broke.</pixart>

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    So you tried to install pfsense on your gaming computer??

    An install of pfsense will WIPE everything on the disk you install it too.. It clearly warns you of that!!

    I am thinking you screwed the pooch big time!!

  • Yes, I have read that and took the risk because it is GAMING. I only had League of Legends installed in it and no other file. So, would you suggest that I reformat and have pfSense installed with the OS or OS first before the installment of pfSense? I clearly have no idea because I only am a gamer who wants to stream his games with no little to no lag. I'm making my stream a bit complicated and I can only pay for such little amount of Mbp/s and I want to make money off streaming. Thank you very much.

    Also, question. Me and 3 of my friends are having a Gaming Bar, with pfSense, how can I apply that? With more than 10 PC, do I install it on every one of them or can a single PC handle such a thing. I know it can but can you explain how? I'm lost and intersted. I'm sorry for lack of knowledge, gaming is my focus but I also want a strong idea of what is happening behind my screen. Big help, man. 'ppreciate it.

  • pfsense is a router/firewall OS. it is not supposed to live in a dual-boot environment with another OS.

    run it on a seperate computer or inside a VM.

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    You do not install pfsense on your "gaming" computer.. Pfsense is a replacement for your router.. So you would install it on some hardware and use it as your "router" ie it would go between your network and the internet.

    You own a gaming bar?  Ie that uses the internet - so like a internet cafe?  Seems you know zero about how any of this works.. I would suggest you hire someone that has some IT background if this is the direction you want to go…

    Yes it can run as VM.. But if you installed it on your computer and let it wipe out the OS and then could not figure out why you couldn't boot windows.  Sorry but you shouldn't be allowed to touch any of this.. You should get yourself an IT guy if your actually going to want to run something where 10 some machines will be doing gaming at your internet cafe, etc.

  • THANK YOU A LOT, Bruh. Like a lot.. Now I'll just look on the VM option.. I'll be super safe this time. Thanks.. I'll update here of what happens. You guys are great.

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