• Hi

    Was looking to build or buy a pfsense mini box.

    1. SG-2220 - Looks good, easy as i dont have to install & all. My problem is the budget. I want to get the m.2 SSd. So the question is can i buy this m.2  later and move my log storage locations later?

    2. OR buy a minipc & go about build one out?

  • Go withSG-2220 unit and that should be it! If there not really urgent need of something spectacular likes 1 GBit/s Internet
    and/or Squid must be running it should be ok for the most.

  • thanks. i want to Run Squid on this. Does it mean i have to get it with the m.2 sata or can i install that later & configure?

  • thanks. i want to Run Squid on this.

    Then I would go with a mSATA or the M.2 solution.