Fairshare Stopped working suddenly

  • Hello, I have been setting up Fairshare rules on routers lately to divide bandwidth, and I ran into an odd issue today.  If I have the Limiter Queues enabled, it stops outbound traffic to any machine specified in the rule.  It doesnt stop inbound seemingly; I can still screenconnect to these machines, but they cant resolve externally.  If I do a ping, they resolve the IP from the DNS Virtual appliances OK but the ping itself fails.    It isnt the rule, if I remove the Queues from the rule all traffic works.  Any idea why this would happen?  I have remade the queues as well as the rules with different names and nothing seems to help.  It worked fine for quite a long time before this and only today stopped working. The router is running 2.1.5.

  • Update on the issue, I think I found how to determine whether a queue will work or not.  First, here is one that is working.  This is in Diagnostics, Limiter Info.  Notice that each queue shows a speed next to it for a pipe:

    Now compare that to one that has broken outbound traffic.  The Outbound queue shows no speed

    So if you have issues where traffic isn’t flowing properly on a PFSense, check the queues to make sure they all have speeds associated with them.  If they don’t, go to the queue that isn’t working (usually easy to find by process of elimination by queue speed) and convert the values you set to Kbits instead of Mbits.  Hit save.  If you check Limiter Info again, and you see that the queues all have the correct speed values you should be OK to enable the firewall rule.

    ![not working.PNG](/public/imported_attachments/1/not working.PNG)
    ![not working.PNG_thumb](/public/imported_attachments/1/not working.PNG_thumb)