• Need some help with pfsense and voip. We just added an elastix server in our datacenter behind pfsense. we register fine with the provider and our external phones. But for some reason I cant get voice incoming or outgoing and after 30sec phone call drops.

    I have followed instruction from the 3cx phone system setup nothing works rules and ports forward are in place including manual outbound nat. does anyone have any suggestions.

  • Maybe you can provide some details of how you have set up pfSense and also Elastix.  3CX is not Elastix.  Elastix is based on Asterisk and FreePBX whereas 3CX is a separate system entirely so I'm not sure if the setup advice for 3CX applies (although they have just taken Elastix over so maybe you have used the right instructions) .  I have an FreePBX system running behind pfSense and its been running fine for a couple of years (since I installed pfSense here).

    So let us know what "rules and port forward are in place" means. 
    Show us what you have set up on Elastix regarding your network settings and explain what "nothing works" means.

    Select information from your logs (pfSense and Elastix) might be useful to.

  • Hello gsiemon

    ok just to clarify we installed a new elastix 2.5 at our datacenter behind the pfsense 2.32
    all our phones are connecting remotely from the outside

    I have setup a nat port forward from any to dest WAN and the server ip address for port 5060
    did the same thing for ports 10000 to 20000

    I have also entered the following in sip.conf
    qualify no

    my phones are able to register also my did trunk to the provider. I can make calls to and from but I cant hear anything on either phone.
    there is no sound whats so ever.
    I tried the siproxd to see if it will help out and it worked for a while and about 5 min later got the same issue with no voice.

    I have setup before a similar scenario and had no issues with a regular router. I don't know what more is missing that I have to do in pfsense.

  • What I am also looking for is maybe a proper walkthrough from pfsense that might help me out also.
    As for posting some logs can you be more specific which ones

    thanks again for your response

  • @korax:

    As for posting some logs can you be more specific which ones

    No audio is commonly a NAT issue.  Are you saying that you have this issue on internal to internal AND internal to external calls.

    OK.  Please post a screen shot of your NAT rules, the firewall rules on the interface that has Elastix on it and the rules for the WAN.

    Can you also describe how the networks are configured and what network(s) your phones are on?

    That may help with working out what is going on for pfSense.

    BTW Is there a reason you are using Elastix 2.5?  Its quite old and 3CX has moved in and replaced Asterisk with their own system for version 5.0.  If you want a supported system maybe FreePBX distro would be a better choice?