• Hi

    I've a problem to access www.adobe.com site. All other sites are no problem at this moment only www.acrobat.com is not accessable.
    Enyone an idee or tips?

    Kind regards

  • Please search the forum before asking.

  • I’ve read all topics but I’m still not sure what my problem is.
    Will it be my NIC’s or is it my configuration on the WAN site of pf-sense with my adsl modem.
    I’m thankful for a little help.

  • There is no "because of this" answer.
    You have to investigate the different problems that "could" be.
    If you expect a step by step guide what you have to click you're out in the cold.

    You could start by trying out the different solutions in the threads you read.
    If that doesnt help:
    Fire up wireshark and look what actually happens on the cable.

  • Thanks for your answer. I will try a several things en let you know what ‘the’ or ‘my’ solution was.

  • Start as usual:
    Do you have name resolution for  ping www.adobe.com?
    Do you get Echo replies on the UNC or the IP?
    What does a traceroute tell you?

    Over here it looks like:

    ping www.adobe.com

    Ping www.wip3.adobe.com [] mit 32 Bytes Daten:

    Antwort von Bytes=32 Zeit=38ms TTL=246

  • i have a very similiar issue with getting to 1 specific site. my site happens to be subaru.com

    everything works but this site. i have done extensive troubleshooting and yet to figure out what is happening. like you, i send out the request from my client machine the traffic goes out the WAN the syn/ack comes back in but the firewall never sends it back to the client.

    if i disconnect my firewall and plug directly into my cable modem i can get to the site with no problems.

    weird as shit.  still working on figuring out what the problem is….

  • Hi

    Issues with accessing to the specific web site(s) maily relates to the way how its mtu(mss) and/or df are treated routers/switches in between from your pc(firewall) to the server, or even the server itself. So as far as I can safely say first, I would recommend you guys having problems, why not check your setting by using wireshark thingy, and look at your config regarding mss and df, or even scrub in mpd. I have been using mtu 1454 for my pppoe session, and scrub is alway enabled, and mss is set to 1414 by mpd automatic.

    Just my .02$ worth.


  • hi you guys,

    I have the same problem with access to adobe.com, and oracle.com. Just can't access them. I verify the name resolution and it´s ok. I try modifiy the mtu length and nothing change. I use wireshark to try the source of trouble, but nothing unusual appear. Somebody has new idea?

    thanks the attention

  • Recheck gateway settings + from a similar problem with subaru.com it was a broken wireless AP.

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