Moving a office over the course of two months

  • Our company is moving and will maintain 2 locations for about 60 days while we move.  My plan is to purchase a second pfSense router most likely a SG-2440 and create a VPN from the new building to the old one while we move. Then when we move the servers change the OpenVPN configs of the 6 remote users to point to our new IP.  Then when the old location is closed keep the old router on hand as a spare.

    Is there a better way to do this or is my thinking pretty sound here? The setup I have now has 6 OpenVPN connections and a failover WAN connection as Comcast is totally unreliable.  The only other thing I’ve got going on is a few inbound routing rules.

  • That sounds like a sound plan to me. Leaving the existing hardware where it sits and add the new to the new location until your existing hardware is migrated to the new location. To me this seems to limit the amount of changes and chances for issues.

  • If you setup the DNS domain overrides to forward internal DNS resolution properly and use DNS hostnames rather than IP addresses on your clients for internal resources properly, it should be fairly seamless to migrate the servers since there's effectively no changes to be made to the individual clients.
    If you use DDNS hostnames, even remote warrior VPN configurations won't need changes - just switch the DDNS updates over to the new site.