• I have a User account with admin privileges that cannot make any changes to the pFsense configuration. For example, I attempted to set DNS Servers manually > Saved > Changes applied, but no changes actually made. This started with the upgrade to 2.3.

    If I remember correctly, there is an additional permission that needs to be applied to the user, just unsure of what it is.

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    You really need to state the privs exactly (or screenshot them).

  • My user account is apart of the "Admins" group along with the default admin account. The assigned permissions is only "WebCfg - All Pages".

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    Are you certain that is all?

    The symptoms fit a common misconfiguration where all privileges were selected (ctrl-A, for example) and the "Deny Config Write" privilege is among them.

    Check the users and groups and make sure none of them have that privilege.