Weird problem with PFsense and SIP… again!! Soz

  • Here's the basic network structure…

    FreePBX 13 server behind pfsense with several internal extensions connected. Firewall rule to allow our PBX to connect to our SIP provider, locked down to their IP range. This configuration works perfectly with no issues.

    The issue is we have a remote office that I want to connect to our PBX, he uses a Dynamic IP on his connection. I have forwarded ports 5060 and 10000-20000 to the FreePBX server with no restriction on what IP's can connect, I will leave this up to the FreePBX servers Firewall to sort this. We have a static IP.

    His softphone simply won't connect to the FreePBX server and from what I can see is not getting past pfsense despite the fairly open port forwarding.

    Any thoughts on what I have done wrong?


  • Are you sure it's not using PJSIP which uses UDP 5061 by default?

  • @jamesonp:

    Are you sure it's not using PJSIP which uses UDP 5061 by default?

    I didn't know that, regardless I have ports 5060 - 5070 forwarded. So it should just work!!

  • Give us a run down of your network setup and a screenshot of your rules.  Also anything in your firewall logs?

  • What sort of firewall/router exists at the remote office?

    What softphone are you using?

    What about the firewall on the softphone PC?

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