IGMP Proxy / Multicast Routing

  • Hi

    My pfSense box has 4 x Intel LAN Ports.

    Port 1 - WAN PPPOE
    Port 2 - LAN - 192.168.1.x
    Port 3 - Wireless AP - 10.10.1.x
    Port 4 - Not used.

    I need to allow multicast and IGMP to pass between devices on LAN <-> Wireless AP.

    My TV is on the wireless AP and needs to use DLNA to see my NAS on the LAN.
    So 10.10.1.x/24 <-> 192.168.1.x/24

    I also need to allow devices on my LAN, PC to access the printer on the wireless AP.
    So 192.168.1.x/24 <-> 10.10.1.x/24

    Can this be done ?
    If I enable the IGMP Proxy how do I set the upstream and downstream ? Can both the LAN & wireless ranges be applied ?

    I'd appreciate some help setting this up.

  • Hi
    Has anyone any ideas how I need to set this up ?


  • Can anyone explain how I can do this. ?


  • Hi,
    did you solved?

    Now the version 2.4 is out also but nothing seems changed