TCP retransmissions and duplicate acks

  • Hi guys!

    I have a really nasty problem with my phone (HTC 10).
    See attached image.
    This is classic download of ZIP file through HTTP site behind pfsense 2.4…

    Now the funny part is, that only HTC10 is giving me this, all other devices work OK.
    Same router same SSID just different device...

    Now I know here are many network gurus :)
    I would really appreciate some advice.

    Have 2 phones, one stock one rooted both exhibit same behavior...

    Device error maybe?
    Android related?
    HW (phone) related?

    I`m lost :D

    Thanks a bunch!

  • And this happens only on networks with both IPv4 and IPv6…

    Probably phone with crappy wifi chip or firmware...