Nested queues on traffic shaper

  • I see that altq permits to have more nested queues in traffic shaping, but, with pfsense 1.2, it is not possible to create more than two levels (parent and child).

    Actually, only queues with "This is a parent queue" checked can be parent, but automatically cannot be child as that field is disabled, so we cannot have more than two levels of nesting.

    Is this a know limit, or is there a way to have more nested queues?

    And there is a way to increment the queue limit (it looks to be 64) without recompiling kernel?



  • It depends on what you need to do with so much queues.
    Other than that the GUI in 1.2 is not very flexible for altq.

  • Problem is only in GUI?

    I'd love to setup queues more flexible, like these (just a quick example):
    1 - InternetRoot: 10Mbit
      2 - DMZ A: 3 Mbit (–> 10 Mbit)
          3 - Voice priority 7. 512Kbit
          3 - POP,SMTP, priority 2, 1Mbit
          3 - all the rest: priority 1
      2 - DMZ B: 4Mbit (--> 10 Mbit)
          3 - various WEB access: 2Mbit
              4 - company webserver: priority 7
              4 - other web server: priority 1
          3 - various B
          3 - various C
      2 - DMZ C: 3 Mbit (--> 10 Mbit)

    and so on.



  • Well yuo cannot do that with 1.2 iirc cause …..

    The choices you have are even you go to 1.3 ALPHA-ALPHA or get to read the bounty section which has te shaper which allows you to do this things.

  • @ermal:

    Well yuo cannot do that with 1.2 iirc cause …..

    Would it be possible to know more?
    It is not possible in 1.2 only because the GUI, or 1.3 has something different in AltQ core?
    It is only the php GUI section which should be copied to 1.2, or is there a lot more?



  • Its not that simple lot of changes were required in the core of pfSense to accomodate the new traffic shaper.
    So the answer is no, it is not just a matter of copy paste on the gui but also no changes are needed to the core altq support in pf.

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