DHCP/DNS servers on IP other than x.x.x.1

  • Simple questions this time. I have a LAN subnet x.x.5.0/23. This sets the DHCP and DNS servers at 5.1 with a useable IP range of 4.1-5.254. Using Proxy Arp VIP and 1:1 Nat. Have primary lease pool from 4.1-4.254 & 2nd pool from 5.2-5.62. I would rather start the 2nd pool at 5.1 otherwise I loose a public IP. Is there a way to have the servers on something other than 5.1, say 5.254 perhaps? Could this create a problem with other router functions?

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    And where exactly did you find this requirement that DHCP/DNS servers must run on IP like x.x.x.1?  ??? :o

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    Huh? Not a clue to where you heard any such thing about .1 ??  Can tell for sure I run pfsense on .253 because soho devices normally have .1 or .254 so I never try and put anything on those address no matter my network.

    I have dns running on box with a .10 address as well.. etc. etc. There is no rule or best practice about any specific IP.  Its just common that .1 when you bring up a router you normally use the first or last address on network.. But there is nothing saying that has to be done.

  • This sets the DHCP and DNS servers at 5.1

    While consumer router/NAT/firewall/DHCP server boxes are commonly on .1, there should be a setting somewhere that you can change from that default.

  • It's just an adopted convention that everyone seems to take as a "standard". There's nothing in the TCP/IP networking itself that requires you to use a specific addresses from subnet for DNS and/or default gateway or any other function such as NTP or NIS server addresses. You could for example use as the default gateway out of and it wouldn't be any different than using the usual