Multi proxy port directed to WAN and VPN

  • I just been starting with pfsense, got everything up and running and so far most things work just fine. There is however one thing that I could not get to work which is creating another proxy port and link this to vpn.
    Routing traffic via firewall rules to vpn works ok. So as I have installed squid I created another proxy port from the config setup an acl to directed traffic out using tcp_outgoing_address.
    For some reason this is not working as expected in the squid log it is also telling me to change myport to myportname but again nothing seems to happen. I see connecting coming in on port 3129 but in a browser connected to the proxy get no connection.
    I have added the lines below to the config. I was also not sure if I could use the gateway name or need to fill out an IP. Given the fact the vpn ip's are dynamic. Never the less setting ip or name results in the same.

    http_port x.x.x.1 :3129
    acl wan myportname 3128
    acl vpn myportname 3129
    tcp_outgoing_address GW_WAN wan
    tcp_outgoing_address GW_VPN vpn

    I was surprised not to find any info of someone trying this before. Maybe it is an odd approach but I would like to be able to make use of a proxy port that directs me outbound using a regular link to the ISP or via VPN. I guess this could be called proxy routing and appears to be something that could be done with the help of squid features. From the client side I would than be able to setup applications and use their proxy setting to direct them over the preferred outbound link.
    I hope someone can let me know if this could actually work and if so what am I missing…..