Assign VIP to outgoing NAT ???

  • hello,

    My WAN connection now has 5 IP addresses.  My pfSense unit has multiple internal subnets via dedicated interfaces.  The pfSense's WAN IP address is dynamic & outside of the assigned IP address range.  So I added the 5 usables IPs as VIPs.  Incoming NAT works fine, but I would also like outgoing traffic which originates from certain local subnets to be assigned certain VIPs.

    For example;

    LAN –-> VIP4
    OPT1 ---> VIP2
    OPT2 ---> VIP3
    OPT3 ---> VIP1
    OPT4 ---> VIP2

    Can this be accomplished without using a 2nd router?

    thanks in advanced

  • firewall –> NAT --> Enable "Advanced outbound NAT"

    Create rules to NAT according to your map above.

  • I've tried that & when i check what Ip address is being report to websites, the DHCP on the WAN still comes up, not the VIP assigned.

  • Please show a screenshot of your AoN rules.

  • i just tested it again & it worked.

    thank you GruensFroeschli

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