• Since some months, the update of my noip free ip address is not working. I did check all messages in pfsense log and all seems to be ok. On the noip website, it is the opposite: it is said that the ip as not being renew. This is still the case when I force the update.

    I come up to the conclusion that the update is rejected by noip but indicated as sucessful by pfsense. I have strong feeling that this is due to the lack of user-agent indication in the request (see http://www.noip.com/integrate/request).

    So far, I did not find a way to validate my assumption but I would be glad to know if somelse has the same issue.


  • Why do you think, pfSense doesn't send an user agent string?

  • Because I do not see any other explanation….but still searching. If no oneelse has the issue, than it is on my side.

    To make thinks stranger I managed another site where the noip is managed by an old router and I have the same issue.

  • You're not the only one.  I've noticed that my No-IP (free) updates don't work.  I need to manually update them every month or they expire.  I only created them a few months ago, but don't think they ever got updated with 2.3.2.  I just updated to 2.3.2 p1 a few days ago so not sure if this is still the case.

  • I suggest you to move to the other services, like http://freedns.afraid.org/
    I have been a client of NO-IP for more then 10 years without any problems, but they have changed the policy of service use and now you have much more problems using their free services.