Normal utilization number on RRD graphs

  • I have just noticed that the grey line on my rrd graphs keeps on increasing each week quite significantly, is this normal? I have bandwidthd and phpsysinfo running. Heres a screenshot of what I am looking at.

    As you can see cpu usage remains the same, and there are no problems with the speed of the box. Its just worrying as "ultilization, number" doesn't give me that much of an idea whats going on. Does it chart the number of processes?
    Any help much appreciated  :)

  • Hi,

    YES - it's a chart for the number of processes. Try "ps ax | wc -l" for an example, you'll then see some number which will close to the number of your processes runnning. Compare it to grey line. I'm running 1.3-AA for a while but mine is somewhere around 40-60 with some perl scripts protecting bruteforce attacks. Your added packages must bump up the number of processes.


  • I ended up uninstalling bandwidthD and it drops back down to about 35. I did ps-A and there were just hundreds of bandwidthd threads going.

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