• I'm trying to communicate between two networks, LAN1: and LAN2:

    I'm able to ping from LAN1 to LAN2. it works perfect. but unable to reach LAN1 from LAN2. while i use ping it reaches to LAN1 interface card.

    for further details attached a similar scenario.

    Please help me. thank you in advance

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    Similar scenario?  So is that your network or not?

    When you say lan 1 and lan 2.. I would assume they are connected to the same pfsense. That is not what that drawing is showing.. Its showing a transit network of 192.168.1/24 between 2 firewalls.

    Whatever that drawing is from it looks messed up - since there are multiple devices on what should be a transit network.

    What are the rules on your lan2, when you add opt interface to pfsense there are not rules.. So yeah your first lan would be able to start conversation (ping) to lan 2 and lan 2 could answer.. But without any rules on your opt (lan2) interface it would not be able to do anything..

  • Dear Johnpoz;

    let's say its real network. have a look on my new diagram.

    what I'm trying to do is, run captive portal using pfsense.

    In both interface: I have added the rule, pass any any

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    Yeah that's wonderful, but why are the devices hanging on what should be the transit network?!

  • let's say is my internal network, and is for the wifi, which means the wifi users are able to access intranet portal and internet only. all the other communication will be block for them.

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    Lets say that

    • your design is broken
    • your issue is completely unrelated to pfSense, since the clients dangling on the transit (LAN1) network receive absolutely NO configuration from pfSense, nor will they use it as gateway for anything unless configured properly.
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    What dok said ;)

    That is not how you would set it up.. If you want 192.168.1/24 to be your internal network - then it would go behind pfsense..  Just like your wifi network..  You can have another firewall between pfsense and the internet if you want.. kind of pointless..  But you end up with like the attached.  Now you can firewall or talk between your segments all you want.  You can run a captive portal on the wifi segment, etc.

    You don't put devices on a transit network between 2 routers.  If you do then they have put routes on them to tell them which router to use for which network.  If your pfsense is natting now you also have to port forward to allow traffic from your transit into your downstream network.  Your prob going to have asymmetrical issues because you miss a route on 1 of your hosts in your transit..

    If you want to use pfsense as a downstream router/firewall and have a segment hang off the upstream router then you would connect them with a transit, but now your going to have to create routing on your upstream router.. See 2nd pic.. I wouldn't be natting at psfense in this case.  Your upstream router would do the natting for any networks behind it.  So there is more config on upstream router in this setup.