• Hi all.  Have a small issue.  Not sure if it should go here or not.

    I have a fairly new install in a vm.  It has been going well although i have not been able to RPD from one system to another.

    Started to look into it and i can not ping the system i am trying to get into.  I can not ping from computer1 to computer2 or from pfsense to computer2.  But i can ping from computer2 to pfsense & computer1.

    I have disabled windows firewall on computer2 and all other network connectivity seems fine from it.  It just appears to be invisible to everything else.

    Any ideas would be great.

  • Any ideas would be great.

    A network diagram would be helpful.  Are these devices on the same network?

  • My Assumption it is on the same network, because i am having the same issues. devices are on the same network, But my pfsense firewall is on ah vm using promox, i have manage to ping computer from the pfsense firewall using the shell, but getting access to the firewall from another computer or evening pinging it seems to just timeout

  • My Assumption it is on the same network

    If it's same network then pfSense is not involved at all.  pfSense is only in the mix if the traffic needs to be routed between networks.  Windows firewall will reject traffic from outside the subnet unless you make allowances for it.  We can't really debug this any farther without a network diagram or at least a much meatier description of what's going on.

  • Double check IPs & subnet masks

    Sounds like these are Windows systems - Temporarily disable firewall of target to see if that is where you're getting blocked

    Check output of arp -a on both source and destination to see if there is a layer 2 issue