A little confused on setting pfsense with a wireless router on the network…

  • https://doc.pfsense.org/index.php/Use_an_existing_wireless_router_with_pfSense

    This mentions  not using the Wan port on the router - sorry if a silly question but does that mean I must set up the server where pfsense will be installed to have at least two ethernet ports with one for WAN?  The reason I ask is that with my setup I won't be able to get the ethernet cable to the server without buying a pretty long ethernet cable.  Doable but I'd rather not have to do this.

  • So you have a pfsense box and a server plus a router.
    you want to run a cable from pfsense to the server and the router is that what your saying

  • No sorry…

    1)  I have a server that I want to put pfsense on via a virtual machine.
    2)  This server I plan to add a NIC card and connect other devices to it that I'm currently using a switch for
    3)  One of the connections to the server would be a router that I'm currently using
    4)  The WAN connection would be to that router to the WAN port

    It sounds like #4 isn't possible though.

  • LAYER 8 Global Moderator

    Please draw your network how you want it.  You mention a VM, so is pfsense on a vm.. How is your your mv host tied to the network?

    When using some soho router as just an AP, normally the easy thing to do is not use the wan(internet) connection of the router.  You might be able to leverage it if your wifi router supports AP mode that bridges the wan interface with your lan ports and wifi.  But many soho routers do not support that option.  If you can put 3rd party firmware on it then you could most likely do that.

    If you have a vm host that you want to leverage as pfsense and other vms, and then use some old wifi router as AP.. This wifi router does not also supply your internet currently does it?  Its not a gateway is it with your modem/router in 1 device?  Please draw up your current setup, and then how you wnat your future setup.