Installed pfsense for first time, have some issues.

  • Just installed pfsense for first time. Everything went great WAN and LAN work, setup my network, DHCP works fine, wifi AP etc all works well. I can connect to the web GUI and all that fine.

    The issue i have is about half of my andriod games no longer work, they fail to connect. I have setup no firewall rules yet its still the default setup.

    Anyone have any suggestions as to why some of my android games do not work?

  • I should have added that everything else on my android devices work fine, internet works, can connect to pfsense web gui from them. Just half the online games do not connect.


    This was a corrupted pfsense install. As i added more packages more strange things started happening. I reformatted the SSD and rewrote the memstick i had the install on and all was well.

    When i checked the hash of my original pfsense image it was corrupt, i should have done this prior to install.

    PSA to all check your hash! before install, the extra 30 seconds it would have taken me would have saved me hours of troubleshooting!

  • Thanks for the update.  I can't remember the last time I had a corrupted download in general.

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