Firewall and Reverse Proxy!? –>Am I wrong in the concept !?

  • Hello guys,

    My goal is to create a pfSense server that will receive the internet requests for my domain (

    See the project image:

    This pfSense server will receive a Public IP, and we will use our ISP as the primary DNS server and ours will be the secondary one.

    Well, on my lan network we will have 3 servers according to the project image.

    My doubt is:

    1. Can you help me with the Bind configuration on the server so that it responds through my domain and contains the entry

    2. For example: is it possible for pfServer to redirect a request via client web browser to (internal lan server 1) and redirect it to the appropriate server inside my lan network (according to figure)?

    3. If yes (for step 2) will be the same procedure for the requests to the services (internal lan server 2) and (internal lan server 3)

    I thank everyone,