Hooked up to TV doesnt show whole screen.

  • Hi guys, installed pfsense last night, after some bugs got it all working. When i did the initial setup i had it hooked up to a 1080p HDMI monitor and it worked fine. Now that its moved into its final position i shouldn't need the console much but hooked it up to my HDMI 1080p TV just in case.

    But when connected to the TV it only shows the center 60-80% of the screen, the left and right edges are not shown. I Tried all aspect ratios on the TV(full/zoom/4:3) all have the same issue. This makes it hard to use because i cant see what im typing in the command line or the first few words of output to a given command.

    Is there some kinda overscan option somewhere im missing?

    Original monitor and TV both 1080p and HDMI so im confused why it worked on one and not the other.

  • Your wasting a perfectly good TV as a console screen??    :o ;D

    Seriously though-  Id just use Putty and ssh or serial port from another computer when needed. Which as you have already guessed will probably not be  needed very often at all.  Otherwise get used to the spacing.


  • My first thought is to check your TV aspect/display settings. They may not be set right. Most TVs will scale a 16x9 resolution - whatever it may be - to be full-screen, but a 4x3 resolution will stretch, zoom, or do nothing depending on the TV settings.

    My second thought is that when 2.4 is released and you can boot via UEFI, this might resolve that display issue as UEFI often changes the display to be the native resolution for whatever is connected (TV or monitor). In the little bit of playing with 2.4 that I did on my J1900 box, it filled the screen of my TV when connected with a DVI to HDMI cable.

  • That's called overscan and is done on consumer TVs to blank H & V sync artefacts. A left-over from the old days with CRTs.

  • Thanks guys, i just enabled SSH and now ill just use my cell phone to SSH into the console when needed.

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