Will this handle Gigabit WAN <-> LAN ?

  • Hi guys,

    I am thinking of purchasing this: http://www.jetwaycomputer.com/JBC313U591.html
    Going with the Celeron N3160 model. Going to add 8GB of ram and 32GB SSD.

    My current setup, which I will be transferring to the new machine is as follows:

    WAN is static IP (ISP provided modem handles PPPOE connection)

    Nothing special on the LAN side other than:

    • Port forwarding (1 port)
    • Block network for certain devices on a schedule (about 3 devices)
    • Squidguard (no caching) to block certain categories of websites.
    • OpenVPN server with max 1 or 2 connections at a time and not all the time.
    • OpenVPN client with a connection to PIA which only a few devices go though (about 5), but it's usually turned off, only used sometimes.
    • DDNS with changeip.com

    I also have an unmanaged gigabit switch and everything is wired with Cat6.

    As long as I get speeds in the 900~950 Mbit/s range, for WAN<-> LAN (excluding OpenVPN) I will be happy.

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