• I am new to PFSense but not new to networking and Systems. I set up my PFSense on a Zotac box. It works great except for one thing. I can't access my Comcast login. When I try to go to login.comcast.net, I get "Your internet access is blocked". I can go to any other sites with no problem.  This also effects my Roku for channels that require authorization to work. I don't have any rules or ACLs setup. This is just PFSense setup.  Any ideas?



  • Ok.. Just for the sake if anyone else runs into this issue. It was Comcast. Both of their Business and Residential sites were down. It happened right after I had setup my PFSense box. I hooked up my laptop directly into the modem/device. Gave it one of my static IPs and still couldn't connect to those sites but could connect to everything else. Noob mistake on my part..

    Keep Calm, Carry on..

  • Thanks for taking the time to update your posts.

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