PfSense hanging after changing IP address at 'Bootup Completed' message

  • Ok, I know I did something stupid here. After changing my internet connection from ADSL to VDSL, I got a new router which was preset up for the new connection. The previous router was bridged to pfSense. The new one I kept the router function on and just setup a DMZ to pfSense (on some advice that this new modem was problematic when bridging). The new modem/router is connected to the pfSense WAN port (same as the previous one).

    I was trying to get my pfSense router to see this new modem/router as the new internet connection - so I started playing around with it (obviously a mistake without researching first). One of the things I tried was setting a Static IP for the WAN interface, which it then complained about the IP overlapping with the LAN IP. I was probably off-track to begin with, but my curiosity got the better of me and I changed the Static IP of the WAN interface to bit count \32 and clicked 'Apply Changes'.

    Bad mistake. Now my pfSense router is inaccessible over the LAN network. Plugging in a monitor and attaching a keyboard, on rebooting, it seems to stop after the 'Bootup Completed' message. It accepts no further keyboard input (and there is no command prompt), but something is still running since detaching the wireless usb dongle for the keyboard results in a usb device disconnection message.

    Some help please to fix this? Also, how should I have set up the WAN interface to begin with? Thanks!

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