NAT port forwarding - 100% stumped.

  • I am stumped.

    Created NAT rule, with auto-firewall rule (below)

    I can packet capture and see the traffic enter the firewall on WAN.  But no traffic goes through to the LAN side.

    IP address answers to pings.

    The device is a wireless access point and directly connected to the LAN port with a POE in-line.

    The device is accessible on the wireless lan via the same internal address as configured in the NAT.

    I've read so many posts and help guides, I am thinking that I have to be missing something simple.
    (Went through all the common problems on the troubleshooting section)



    <descr>NAT AP</descr></any></rule>**

    Thanks in advance for any help.


  • Can you show a screenshot of this rule?

  • Note: this screenshot is from a different unit, but the rules are configured the same, except for the internal ip range.



  • And you're trying to access the WebGUI of the AP?
    Can you ping the AP from the ping tool in the pfSense webGUI?
    Did you set the corrent subnet on the LAN interface? (it can happen)
    Did you set the corrent default gateway on the AP? (I've had one where you couldnt set a default gateway…..)

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