Installing nanoBSD on Alix without serial console

  • Hi,

    i have one  Alix 2d3 where i want to run nanoBSD on.
    So i have written an image on the card and booted it up.
    But i cant reach it on the LAn interface. Tried all three interfaces with fixed ip on my clinet.
    Can 2.3.2 only been setup with console access? I have read that 1.2.3 has in the default config the LAn interface configured as
    So i would use that image as well and then upgrade from it. But i cant find that image anymore.

    I have already running pfsense successfull on that biard a few years ago. I just dont have a console cable now. IS there any way to get it working without console access?


  • All the current 2.. releases should install fine for the Alix hardware. Of course you need to write the nanoBSD image to the CF card, then put the CF card into the Alix.

    LAN will have address with DHCP enabled. So do not use a static IP on your client machine, just plug in the cable and let pfSense give out an IP address with gateway

  • Really, i have the same question.
    I have WatchGuard e750x and want install pfsence on it. But i have a troubles with serial connection.
    (Maybe my cable is broken or serial port -i don't know )

    So, after i flashed pfSense-CE-2.3.3-RELEASE-4g-i386-nanobsd.img to my CF card - can i put in in device - stated it and connect to PFsence with SSH ?