PF 2.3.2_1 Traffic Shaper limits squid cached objects

  • I've used PF traffic shaper before without any problems. I even have a machine that runs on 2.1.5 without experiencing traffic shaper affecting squid cached objects. But on a machine that I'm trying to configure PF 2.3.2_1 it affects even the objects from my server.

    I'm on a part of the Philippines that fiber is still impossible to get. So i'm using squid to save precious bandwidth. I used the wizard to create the traffic shaper rules.

    2 WAN type connection (2x10MB dsl connection)
    2 LAN type connectiion (1 LAN , 1 WiFi)

    WAN Upload : 800kbps
    Download : 8600kbps

    Opt1 Upload : 800kbps
    Download 8600kbps

    Both LAN type connection is also on HFSC.

    Can someone point out what I'm missing here? I used the same process on my old machine running 2.1.5 and it didn't have any problems like this. Hope someone can answer my problem. TIA

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