Help with my setup on a Non-Nat and local ip subnet DHCP environment

  • Hello All,

    I am trying to set a local and external network up on my pfsense box, but its proving difficult and not working as expected.

    I have a block of IPs provided by my ISP, routed directly to me.

    I would like to manually (statically assign) each server with a public IP, so all ports that each individual server opens so they can be seen from the internet. And all other computers here in my office, to be served a local ip from the local ip subnet. Is there any documentation to help me implement this or any help would be greatly appreciated


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    "I have a block of IPs provided by my ISP, routed directly to me. "

    So this block is routed to you over what transit network??  Or is more what is common is they gave you say a /29 with 1 of those /29 being your gateway your suppose to point to.. This is completely different than a routed network.

    If they routed your block to you, then you would have a transit network connection..

    So for example lets say they gave you public, and your pfsense wan IP might be  You could then yes put that behind pfsense and not nat it.  But if all they gave you was and told you to point to as your gateway.. That is not a routed network.. You just have /29 hanging off their network.  And sure you could use .2 - .6 as other VIPs on pfsense wan.. Placing those IPs behind pfsense would require subnet of that network or bridge..

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