PSense problem with a private wan network

  • Hi all,

    I'm new to PFSense. I've installed without problems. Here after is my network diagram
    My external network isn't connected to Internet. I've just setup the ip address as static on the wan interface. The gateway and ip address are the same.

    external WAN <- –-----PFSENSE ------- -> LAN
                                                                          OPT1 ->

    First      : a ping between LAN and OPT1 works great
    Second : ping beetween machine on LAN and OPT1 network and WAN interface works great
    I don't understand why a ping beetween (WAN PFSENSE interface) and a machine with ip address don't go

    Have you any ideas, on how to enable this and permit some traffic between external network and local networks ?



  • Did you create a rule on the WAN that allows traffic?
    How did you test from the WAN?
    What was the default gateway of the testmachine on the WAN?

    Is it intentionally that you have public IP's on your OPT and LAN?

  • Yes i have created a rule -> On WAN Interface the rule is : TCP * * LAN Net * *

    For my test, i have a switch who has 2 ports connected, 1 for the WAN interface and a pc. The gateway of testmachine is, @ip of the pfsense wan interface

    Yes it is intentionaly, because we are on an private network without outside connections.



  • A ping is ICMP.
    Your rule only allows TCP.

  • yes, i know

    I've setup this rule : ICMP * * LAN Net * * on WAN Interface and this on LAN interface ICMP LAN net * * * *

    Nothing go throught  WAN interface. Any ideas ?


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