How to replace sophos/cyberoam to pfsense?

  • Hi all,

    My current setup is as follows:-

    sophos firewall (using the cyberoam CR15iNG appliance) connected to the modem to dial via PPPOE to my local ISP internet provider

    the sophos firewall is also setup as a dynamic dhcp (as my WIFI users are on dynamic IPs)

    The firewall is connected to the network switch

    Then my WIFI access point is connected to the network switch which all the local laptops are using it

    Now… I want to replace sophos appliance with pfsense software

    But could I install pfsense in a proxmox virtual machine. If this is possible, how would the setup be? How could pfsense dials pppoe to the modem? Can pfsense site inside proxmox and part of a virutal machine?

    Any tips? Thanks.

  • You are describing a default install without any configuration.

  • @heper:

    You are describing a default install without any configuration.

    So do you mean I can just setup pfsense into proxmox vm and dial up via PPPOE to my modem? work just like that?

  • I never used proxmox myself (check the virtualization subsection)

    Pppoe shouldn't be a problem

  • Pfsense works mandatory with 2nics (at least). In your case, you should take care that WAN interface is able to contact your dial-up modem to establish the PPPoE session.
    i'm not familiar with proxmox but in VMware you have to assign the correct network/vlan during the configuration process.
    Hope this may help.


  • Netgate Administrator

    pfSense can run with one NIC. You could use VLANs to create multiple interfaces. It can also run with just one interface though if you're using it just as a VPN end point for example.


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