CARP IP and IP alias

  • Hi.
    I have several CARP IP addresses on the same subnet (x.x.x.160/28) on the WAN interface, and to use it on my two pfSense systems I configured x.x.x.161/28 as IP alias on pfsense1 and x.x.x.162/28 on pfsense2.

    Now I wish to use these two IP addresses to serve some services, so I am wondering why I also need an IP Alias on the same subnet which is definitively "lost" as I cannot use for real production services as I don't have CARP (and high availability) on it.

    Please note that I am using pfSense 2.3.2-RELEASE-p1 (amd64).
    On this page I read that "CARP VIPs may be in other subnets on pfSense 2.2-RELEASE and later", but if I try to delete my IP alias (x.x.x.161/28) I am getting the following error:

    This entry cannot be deleted because it is still referenced by a CARP IP with the description JAIL CARP Address.

    But! The JAIL CARP Address is the, which is not on my x.x.x.160/28 subnet and it's not on the WAN network!

    So, where am I wrong? Could you help me please?

  • You don't need an alias to use CARP VIPs in other subnets on recent versions.
    You should be fine deleting the alias IPs, as to why you can't, I don't know. Try deleting the jail carp first, then delete the alias, then re-create your jail carp. Perhaps it is incorrectly referencing the alias ip, you could edit the properties and look.

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