Need Help With UniFi CloudKey

  • i am trying to adopt a cloudkey but can't.

    when i use the ip address of the cloudkey, the wizard starts. the part with login and password for cloud access is where it fails.
    i can log in to the ubnt site with the proper credentials.
    i am unable to log in using the wizard at when it asks for the same credentials.

    it says "There was an error checking credentials. Unable to connect to UniFi cloud. Please check your network connection, and try again."

    i read that the cloudkey uses ports 3478 tcp, 8543 udp and 11143 udp. is it good enough to open ports 3478, 8543 and 11143 or do i have to port forward them to the cloudkey? i've already opened port 8443 on the lan side.

    does anyone have a clue for me?


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    This is a completely wrong forum. And you do NOT adopt a cloud key to controller. CK itself is the controller.

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    I don't believe there is any inbound ports needed, but as dok mentions you should check on the unifi forums for how to setup a cloud key.  If you need to port forward anything then sure we can help with that.

    But out of the box default outbound on pfsense is any any, have you modified that?  What is your cloud key using for dns?  That could be a possible issue if your outbound is any any.

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